EMV Solutions

Govolution offers the widest range of EMV payment solutions in the industry!

  • The Most Options
  • The Best Devices
  • The Lowest Costs

To respond to the liability shift and the increasing risks of payment fraud, organizations need to implement EMV. But organizations have varying needs, integration requirements, technical resources and budget restraints. 

To meet these varying needs, Govolution has assembled a comprehensive suite of EMV solutions giving customers choices of equipment and integration options to meet their unique needs with a focus on best value. We offer more options, the best devices and the lowest costs. 

Standalone EMV Terminals Integrated EMV Gateway EMV Integrated Virtual Terminal
Fast & Inexpensive! Developer’s Dream! Turn Key & Powerful!
  • Lowest Cost
  • No Integration Required
  • Fast Delivery
  • Plug & Play
  • First View Merchant Reporting
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Flexible User Interface
  • Detailed Developer Tool Kit
  • No-Cost Sand Box
  • Convenience Fee Option
  • Fully Integrated
  • Multiple Device Options
  • Customizable Data Capture
  • Convenience Fee Option

EMV Terminal Options

Xion 3.0 Verifone Vx520 Ingenico iPP320 Ingenico iSC250

 What is EMV?

EMV, is a fraud-reducing technology that can help protect issuers, merchants and consumers against losses from the use of counterfeit and lost or stolen payment cards at the point-of-sale. Currently, a cardholder’s information is stored on a magnetic stripe found on the back of the card. With EMV technology, cardholder information is stored in a chip that is embedded in the payment card. Rather than swiping a card at the point of sale, customers will insert their payment card into the terminal and a unique, one-time-use code will be generated and used for that payment transaction.

EMV Benefits

There are several benefits associated with switching to EMV-enabled terminals. 

  • Prevents Shifts in Liability
  • Reduces Counterfeit Payment Card Fraud Risk
  • Increases Security
  • Supports the Ways Customers Want to Pay


Contact us to learn more about our EMV solutions and how they can meet the needs of your business.



Velocity is an electronic payment system and service provided by Govolution, LLC, a  wholly-owned subsidiary of First American Payment Systems. Velocity has been honed to meet the strict technical, financial and security standards of the U.S. Federal Government. Starting with payment processing, its modules enable a full spectrum of business activities including back-end reporting, data management and administrative tools that integrate with legacy accounting, cash management and CRM systems.