Govolution’s Call Center Payments Team attending Call Center Week Conference and Expo

ARLINGTON, Virginia—20 June, 2016—Govolution, LLC announced today it’s Velocity Payment System call center solutions team is attending the 17th Annual Call Center Week Conference and Expo in Las Vegas. The Expo and Conference will be at the Mirage June 29 and 30.

Govolution enables contact centers to securely process credit, debit or ACH payments through self-service IVR, web, and mobile channels, as well as agent-assisted payments with integration to cloud or premise-based call center or CRM solutions. CRM Payments 360, Velocity’s agent-assisted payment application, provides call center agents secure and easy access to pending bills and payment history and features CRM functionality to optimize payment workflow and eliminate the need for agents to hear or see credit card data. This results in faster handle times and better customer service.
Companies using Govolution's call center payment solutions benefit from:

  • PCI, NACHA and HIPAA compliance
  • Payer Fraud and Abuse Identification & Management
  • Optimized customer loyalty
  • Maximized customer satisfaction
  • Expedited handle times
  • Lower payment transaction costs
  • Intelligence at the point of transaction
  • Embedded A/R policies
  • Risk management & audit reporting
  • Optimized agent workflows
  • Fully integrated multi-channel billing and payment features

Here’s a quick example of CSR-assisted call: After proper customer validation, the Velocity Payment System has the ability to present specific billing or invoice information and prompt the customer for payment. Our application programming interface (API) will provide clients with the ability to pre-populate certain data fields in the Velocity Call Center Payment System to expedite the payment process, reducing the data entry requirements for the agent. All calls directed to an agent relative to a payment can initiate a web-based screen pop of the Velocity Payment System to accept a payment over the phone and provide all historical detail to the agent.

“Our participation in Call Center Week demonstrates our commitment to the Contact Center ecosystem. Customers expect an exceptional service experience at every step in the customer journey, and we are helping to deliver it to them when it comes to making payments,” says Eric Zbikowski, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Govolution.


For more information contact:
Tel: (202) 669-2611 

About Govolution and the Velocity Payment System (

Govolution is a leader in ePayment solutions, including purpose-built call center solutions that help improve interactions with customers by streamlining and securing payments. The Velocity Payment System is a service mark of Govolution, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of First American Payment Systems, who is one of the fastest growing payment processors in the United States, serving more than 140,000 merchants. The Velocity Payment System is certified with all major payment processors in the U.S., re-offered by many of the largest banks in the country and provides secure payment acceptance across all customer engagement channels.

About Call Center Week (
From the 17th annual Call Center Week website: “The Magic of Call Center Week is the combination of Conference and Expo. The robust conference inspires your next steps, from visionary keynotes to real-world case studies, you’ll get just the information and to imagine a new future.

“The expo moves you from inspiration to actualization by connecting you with solution providers that can help you achieve your business goals whatever they are.”


Velocity is an electronic payment system and service provided by Govolution, LLC, a  wholly-owned subsidiary of First American Payment Systems. Velocity has been honed to meet the strict technical, financial and security standards of the U.S. Federal Government. Starting with payment processing, its modules enable a full spectrum of business activities including back-end reporting, data management and administrative tools that integrate with legacy accounting, cash management and CRM systems.