Omni-Channel Experience

Govolution strongly believes that organizations who provide a seamless and consistent experience across channels; including web, mobile, email, social media, regular mail and in-person; not only yield higher sales, but also retain significantly more customers than organizations with ineffective cross-channel strategies. We now live in a world where customers expect all channels to be connected, integrated and available for their use whenever and wherever they are needed. That's where the Velocity Payment System comes in.

The Velocity Payment System enables clients to offer fully integrated, seamless payment experiences to their customers, regardless of the payment channels.  Customers can now make payments in person, over the phone, online; using their smartphone, tablet or PC and have that payment experience work the same way and feel the same way, regardless of the payment channel.  This seamless experience should also transfer over to the customer support side of the house.  Gone are the days when a customer needs to provide the same information multiple times during a single client interaction because they have transitioned from one payment or service channel to another.


Velocity is an electronic payment system and service provided by Govolution, LLC, a  wholly-owned subsidiary of First American Payment Systems. Velocity has been honed to meet the strict technical, financial and security standards of the U.S. Federal Government. Starting with payment processing, its modules enable a full spectrum of business activities including back-end reporting, data management and administrative tools that integrate with legacy accounting, cash management and CRM systems.