Operational Reporting

Velocity offers a wide range of online real-time reporting tools to assist with payment reconciliation, as well as customer support. Transaction data can be exported into back-end accounting systems for a seamless flow of data without human intervention. Transaction data can be managed at the individual location and/or enterprise level. Automated reporting tools allow the client to request transaction and financial data for import data into existing applications. Transaction information can be requested via a server-to-server communication between Velocity and the client, or a flat file can also be generated by Velocity and placed on a sFTP server for retrieval by the client.

Velocity’s reports are designed specifically for administrators of an individual organization to analyze cash flow and distribution of revenue across specific payment types for improved forecasting and revenue cycle management. These reports are provided, in addition to standard merchant card processing reports. Key reports include:

  • Transaction Reports – Provides both summary and details of processing totals for a given date range, itemized by payment tender.
  • Pending Payments Report - Provides both summary and details of pending payment plans.
  • Online Check Returns Report - Provides detailed ACH Return information.
  • Settlement Batch Activity Reports - Provides both summary and details on credit card and ACH batches submitted for settlement.
  • Merchant Services Reports - Provides both summary and details on all merchant services-related fees.
  • User Reports - Provides both summary and details of transactional information for call center managers
  • Risk and Audit Reports - Provides information security personnel with the information needed to reduce fraud and monitor internal activities
Files to Download: 
Velocity Online Reporting Brochure


Velocity is an electronic payment system and service provided by Govolution, LLC, a  wholly-owned subsidiary of First American Payment Systems. Velocity has been honed to meet the strict technical, financial and security standards of the U.S. Federal Government. Starting with payment processing, its modules enable a full spectrum of business activities including back-end reporting, data management and administrative tools that integrate with legacy accounting, cash management and CRM systems.