Debit Card Processing

Govolution’s Debit card processing services allows your business accept the full array of debit card transactions, automatically deducting the amount of a transaction from your customer's checking account. The Velocity Payment System performs a real-time validation of each presented card number, quickly identifying it as a credit card or debit card.

  • Real-Time Card Validation Ensures Proper Qualification
  • Branded Debit & PIN-Less Debit Merchant Services
  • Equipment Purchase & Leasing Options
  • Integrated Merchant & Transactional Reporting


This type of transaction is the most common way to accept a debit card and is processed like a regular credit card by swiping it through the terminal machine or key entering the information on a web screen. The debit card must bear the Visa or MasterCard logo.


A newer and least expensive method of accepting debit cards is as a PIN-based debit transaction. The card is swiped through the terminal and the customer is prompted to enter their PIN number. An external or built-in PIN-pad device is required for encrypting and processing the transaction securely.


This type of transaction is processed through the ATM debit networks, with the potential for considerable savings to the client organization. Debit networks such as NYCE, PULSE, Accel and STAR have rolled out support for PIN-less debit card processing.

Govolution is a registered ISO/MSP of Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, OH.

STAR, NYCE, Pulse, Accel ATM Logos

Files to Download: 
Velocity Merchant Services Brochure


Velocity is an electronic payment system and service provided by Govolution, LLC, a  wholly-owned subsidiary of First American Payment Systems. Velocity has been honed to meet the strict technical, financial and security standards of the U.S. Federal Government. Starting with payment processing, its modules enable a full spectrum of business activities including back-end reporting, data management and administrative tools that integrate with legacy accounting, cash management and CRM systems.